Zbigniew Seifert – Man of the Light


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Among the few world reknown jazz violinists Zbigniew Seifert stands out as a peculiar figure. This man stepped into jazz only by accident, that is “to impress the girls”. Seifert, born in Krakow in 1946, passed the classical exams as an obligation since he already had other things in mind, i.e. how to create an individual jazz vocabulary on his main instrument. Seifert loved to explain that he plays the violin like he imagines that John Coltrane would have treated it. Coltrane was a big influence to him. With giant and successful steps Zbiggy stepped into the western world: From 1970 on he amazed the scene in the States, recorded with Miles Davis sidemen, with Oregon and Kenny Barron to name but a few. It is from this highly creative period that this MPS recording gem stems. “Man of The Light” includes six pieces which showcase Seifert’s playing in a beautiful way. What a pity Seifert died too early, in 1979. Originally released on MPS in 1977.

Zbigniew Seifert – Violin
Cecil McBee – Bass
Billy Hart – Drums
Jasper Van’t Hof – Electric Piano, Organ
Joachim Kühn – Piano

(originally) side I

1. City Of Spring 6:33
2. Man Of The Light 9:43
3. Stillness (4:56
(originally) side II
4. Turbulent Plover 7:25
5. Love In The Garden 6:11
6. Coral 6:52